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Here you can read about how we solve problems in waterborne heating systems with heat pumps or district heating. You'll also get tips on how to run a heating system safely and efficiently.

Status control heating system

Status check heating system

The service means that we go through your substations with property heat pumps or district heating and submit concrete measures for a safe and efficient heating system.

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This is part of the service


If you have problems with something in the heating system, a troubleshooting is included and we always leave a report with suggested measures. If you have a company that makes your repairs, we help with technical support regarding the proposed measures. If you do not know where to turn, we will help you find a company that will help you with any repairs or replacement of components.

Energy saving

In our review of a heating system, we give concrete suggestions on how you can save energy. Among other things, we provide suggestions for optimizing basic settings in the control and regulation equipment. You know that lowering the temperature one degree reduces your annual consumption by up to 5%?

Pumps and valves

We check the condition of components such as pumps and valves. When it comes to circulation pumps, it is especially important to be one step ahead because some pumps are made to order. By checking this, you are one step ahead and thus avoid a shutdown of heat and hot water.

Pressure and temperatures

In order for you to have a safe and efficient heating system, it is important to check pressure and temperatures to see that the heating system works properly. An important check we make to check that it is the right temperature of the hot water to avoid legionella!


On property heat pumps, we also check the coolant to see that there is the right concentration and amount of the liquid, that there is the right set of frost protection and that we are looking for leaks.

Heat exchanger

Sub-plants with district heating include a check of the heat exchanger to see how efficient the heat transfer is. This is an important control to save energy!

Temperature sensor

To save energy, it is important to control the temperature sensors in a heating system and its settings in the control and regulation equipment. If there is a sensor that is broken or not connected correctly, the energy consumption increases.

Technical documentation

We also check that you have technical documentation. Having documentation makes it easier for future service and repair visits.

Did you know that...

  • By installing pressure-controlled circulation pumps and setting them with summer stops, you can save up to 85%.

  • Replacing old radiator thermostats is a profitable business and can provide an energy saving of up to 30%

  • Having operating and maintenance instructions makes it easier for those who take care of your facility and that troubleshooting and service becomes more efficient.

Source: Swedish Energy Agency

This is how the service works


You contact us for a quote and we book an appointment.


The status check of your heating system is performed.


We are writing a detailed report with proposals for action.


The next step is a digital review of the report.


The proposed measures are addressed by the companies you choose.

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