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Our business concept is to help property owners ensure the operation of heat and hot water. We always focus on reliability, energy efficiency and sustainability when helping our customers.

We like customers who have high demands and we are never contented until the customer is contented.

Do you also want to be contented?

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Our Services

Status check heating system

When you hire us you can do it in two ways. Either you hire us to go through your heating systems and at the same time we train your technicians. Or your technicians can use our checklists as support with support from us.

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Utbildning värmesystem

Cleaning heating system

By having a continuous cleaning of a water-borne heating system with district heating or heat pump, you get a safer, more efficient and a more durable heating system. Please read more about our technical solution!

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Rengöring värmesystem

Webinar heating system

How do you know that you have energy-efficient heating systems is a question we ask ourselves in one of our webinars. The F-gas regulation and what it means for your business is another important knowledge that we want to share with you.



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In our blog you can read about how we solve problems in water-borne heating systems with a heat pump or district heating. You also get tips on how to operate a heating system so that it is safe and efficient.


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Prenumerera på vår blogg!

Här kan du läsa om hur vi löser problem i vattenburna värmesystem med värmepump eller fjärrvärme. Du får även tips på hur du ska sköta ett värmesystem så att det är säkert och effektivt.

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