Education heating system

Utbildning värmesystem

Training heating system

We help property owners get safe and efficient heating systems through our training for operating personnel. The training is out in your sub-centres with a group of up to five people. During one day we go through how to control a heating system with either district heating or heat pumps.

The training includes:

  • Basic measurements of pressure and temperatures.
  • Control and interpretation of settings in controls and rules.
  • Review of components and proposals for measures.

Webinar heating system

Our webinars are aimed at you who work as an operating technician, technical manager, operating engineer or property manager in a property company. You and your colleagues book a webinar on one of our topics or you choose a topic of your own that you want to know more about.

Operating strategy

In this webinar we discuss how to increase the efficiency of an operating organization by for example, planning investments and maintenance as well as by having uniform routines. According to the Energy Agency you can earn up to 20% by having an operating strategy so in other words it is profitable to sit down and think through what strategy you should have.

Location: Microsoft Teams

Time: 9-11 or 13-15

Language: Swedish

Energy efficiency improvement

We go through how to optimize and improve the energy efficiency of a heating system with simple measures. First of all, you need to know that the energy you buy is used in the right way. You start by checking the cooling and heating system and based on that you make a plan.

Location: Microsoft Teams

Time: 9-11 or 13-15

Language: Swedish

The F-gas regulation

Carbon dioxide equivalents and GWP are two terms that the technical person responsible for cooling and heat pump systems must know. In this webinar we go through what you need to know about the F-gas regulation and how you should think about your installations with refrigerants.

Location: Microsoft Teams

Time: 9-11 or 13-15

Language: Swedish

Coaching heating system

We offer coaching to those who have attended our heating system education and have questions about the controls and how to interpret the results you get.

If you work as a technical administrator, operations engineer or property manager and need a sounding board you can also book coaching. It can be everything from the choice of technology for your heating system to a specific problem for which you need advice.

We have no contracts so you book one hour at a time or as much time as you need.

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