Are you aware of the increased delivery times?

We have now spoken with suppliers and colleagues about what delivery times for products for heating systems look like. Among other things there are some heat pumps and circulation pumps that take up to six months to deliver. The increased delivery time is due to both the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

As you might understand, this can have big consequences if a circulation pump breaks down when it’s cold outside. Here is a simple check that you can do on your circulation pumps.

  • Take a large screwdriver and hold it against the short side of the circulation pump. Put your ear against the handle of the screwdriver and listen for scraping noises.
  • You can also feel the pump housing with your hand – if the pump housing is hotter than the heating pipes, it could be a bearing fault or an electrical winding fault.
  • If there is a scraping sound or if the pump housing is hotter than the heating pipes, you should replace the circulation pump immediately. If the pump is not defective but is more than 10 years old, we recommend that you keep an extra eye!
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