Do you know what to do if an accident occurs?

If refrigerant leaks from a refrigerant system, this usually occurs in the form of gas. Some refrigerants only smell at very high concentrations and can therefore be difficult to detect.

The gas is heavier than air and therefore collects easily along the floor. It is therefore important to have proper ventilation in spaces where there are units with refrigerant and to regularly check that the units are tight. Here’s what to do if the accident were to happen.

  • The gases irritate the eyes and airways even at low concentrations. If splashed in the eyes, rinse with water for at least 10 minutes and then contact a doctor for further treatment.
  • If a person has inhaled high concentrations of refrigerant gases, the person must immediately move or be moved to fresh air. A person who has been heavily affected by refrigerant must be kept warm and still. In case of unconsciousness, call 112.
  • In case of frostbite, the skin should be rinsed with lukewarm water to rewarm it. Clothing that has been soaked with refrigerant must be removed immediately, but if it has frozen to the skin, it must first be thawed and then removed.
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