How to avoid problems with a heat pump?

When a ground source heat pump is installed, there must be information about the type of liquid, concentration and quantity, as well as care instructions. Unfortunately a common error is that the concentration of the coolant is too low and therefore one should, among other things, check the concentration at regular intervals.

Here are some other checks that are important to make on an ongoing basis on the coolant to avoid problems.

  • Cleaning the filter – if the filter is clogged, the flow decreases and the risk of ice formation in the heat exchanger increases.
  • Freeze protection set – check that the value in the heat pump is set correctly in relation to the coolant.
  • Refrigerant sensor – if the sensor shows the wrong value, the freeze protection does not work as it should and the heat exchanger can then freeze to pieces.
  • Refrigerant leakage – make it a habit to check connections and insulation around the refrigerant pipes.

ATTENTION! There are different levels of toxicity on different types of refrigerant liquids and they should not be discharged into the drain. Check with the environmental office in your municipality what applies.

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