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Many who have an agreement regarding the inspection of heating systems do not know what the agreement entails, what is to be carried out during the visits and many do not receive feedback on what needs to be done. Here are some things you might find useful.

  • Have an agreement with a requirement for a written feedback. A digital feedback is even better so that more people can share the information. An important point in an agreement is that there is company insurance and where any dispute should take place. It’s about the responsibility part and who will be responsible if something happens.
  • Ask yourself what checks are to be done, how often and whether these checks lead to a safe and efficient heating system. An example of a check to be made on a heat pump is the measurement of currents in a compressor. If there is more than 10% between the highest and lowest phase, you should receive a proposal for action on that, we believe.
  • Does the company you hire have the certificates required for the work? If there is not, the company you hire will purchase the service and then it must be stated in the contract. Again, it’s about the responsibility part, but also that certain things are legal. An important certificate is, for example, leakage control of refrigerant according to the F-gas regulation.
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