This thing with ones and zeroes…

Control and regulation equipment can contain a great many settings and functions. Here are some settings that are good to keep an eye on. If you are aware of this you will go far!

  • Maximum temperature
    This temperature is set to prevent overheating in the radiator circuit. The clever thing about the maximum temperature is that even if you crank it up, there may be other factors that mean that not enough heat is released.
  • Minimum temperature
    To prevent the heating system from freezing, a minimum temperature is set. Then it always goes x degrees out to the radiator circuit except during the summer shutdown.
  • Heat curve
    A heating curve means that a certain temperature is sent at a certain outdoor temperature, and therefore it is important to set the heating curve for the property in question.
  • Summer break
    The temperature for stopping heat production is set at around 18 degrees. It is then important that the circulation pump is set to exercise once a day so that it does not get stuck.
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