What does too high a pressure in a heating system mean?

A few years ago a condominium association called and asked what they should do with their heating system. They had a water-borne heating system with an electric boiler and a new air/air heat pump in each townhouse apartment but were thinking about connecting district heating.

All said and done, we went there and looked at how the heating system looked. We came to the conclusion that district heating would not be worthwhile, but we suggested that they should instead replace their electric boilers that were for years. By doing so, they were able to run the heat pump which gave about 1:4 and only tip with the electric boiler.

Yes, this is now a few years ago and there were no new electric boilers, instead it was district heating. The result of this conversion was that the cost of heating became higher and they do not have enough hot water. What went so wrong is that they now have a common piping for the heating system with high pressure in the system, thus a great risk of leakage.

Now you may be in the starting pits to make an investment in a heating system. If you want advice we advise you to acquire knowledge so that you can ask the right questions.

  • Take in at least three quotes and get help if you don’t have the knowledge to understand the quotes. Consider guarantees and availability of spare parts!
  • Always carry out an inspection of the work carried out. Here, it is important to hire a company that has knowledge of what is to be inspected.
  • Last but not least, maintain your investment and remember that not everything can be read from a computer screen.
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